I dropped it here, I’m pretty sure of that” Guile repeated over and over again to herself. It was early in the morning and she was looking for her very expensive golden wedding ring. She traced her steps and sat on the bed to figure out where it could be.
She tiptoed to the bathroom and checked the cupboards and shelves, even the top of the bath tub and the sink all to no avail. She felt angry, frustrated and so unhappy. She knew her husband would be so annoyed if he got to know that she had misplaced the ring.
She checked the time only to find out that it was time she left for work. She searched frantically for it until she thought she would soon run mad. She tripped and fell clumsily to the floor making a loud thud.
” Guile?”, her husband called
” hmm”
” where are you?” He asked perplexed
” on the floor” she replied
” what happened? Why are you on the floor?” He asked looking around the room. ” why is the room like this?” He asked again and she turned to see the mess she had turned the room to.
” Nothing. I only had a fall and I was looking for something I misplaced” she answered trying to make her voice steady. “Tada! I found it”, she said holding up her red pair of shoes.
“Oh!” Her husband said still unconvinced.
“Yeah, I’m ready, heading for work”, she said and stood abruptly from the bed after tying on her shoes and left the room, closing the door with a little slam.
Derrick- her husband- just sat staring at the door. He knew what she was looking for but would pretend as if he didn’t know about it. He knew she would be heartbroken if she knew he had taken the ring so as to sell it and settle his gambling debt. He felt bad about doing it but the ring would fetch him a lot of money and would be enough to settle his debts. He knew it was shameful and the cat would be let out of the bag one day. But as long as it was not that time, then, he was satisfied. He could deal with the afterwards.


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