Tears and Forgiveness

Tears streamed down her face like a flowing river. She looked around to make sure no one was there and shouted in agony. Still she felt the pains of what she had experienced. Not only did she feel the physical pain but also the emotional one, yet she couldn’t tell it to a soul. It weighed on her mind like a heavy rock. Her brother-Phil- wouldn’t even think of asking what was bothering her, rather, he adds to her problem. Her elder sister Georgina add travelled a long time ago that she wondered if she could still remember t,e way she’d look like.. The other one Paulina was to busy to attend to her younger sister. She couldn’t even dare try to tell her mother because of fear.. Even if she could tell, she dared not or her life was at stake.

“I am finished’, the poor girl whispered to the sky. She noticed it was already dark and she felt she should leave. She walked to the river and rinsed her face, applied some makeup, carried her bag, and begun to walk away when she noticed a shadow in the hedges of the flowers and pretended as if she didn’t.


‘Where are you coming from at this time of the night?’, the voice of her mother asked as she stepped into the dimly lit, well furnished sitting room. She turned to check the time and saw that it was few minutes before 12:00am
‘I didn’t know it was late’, she answered I a half whisper.
‘That’s not the answer to my questions’, her mother yelled in anger.
‘Oh! Hmmm…. I… No…. Yes…. I was with my friend Lucy’
‘Your friend Lucy? Is it the Lucy I know or someone else?
‘The one you know ma’, was the reply.
‘Liar! I called Lucy some hours ago and she said she hadn’t seen you today after school’, her mother said baffled at the unfolding scene.
‘Yes, but I went to her house just after you dropped the line and she told me you were looking for me’, saying this, she knew she had graduated from small lies to blatant and big lies.
‘Why are you complicating this issue you this stupid girl!’,her mother said and gave her a slap cross the face. ‘You are only fifteen and you are already behaving waywardly. Tell me! Who is the stupid boy deceiving you? I would never let that happen. I noticed that you’ve been behaving strangely and moodily ever since I arrived from that journey a week ago and when I ask, the answer I receive is the shake of that tiny head of yours. If you are engaging in any dirty activity, I won’t help you!’, her mother babbled and stalked off.

She sat on the sofa and started weeping. She felt she had no reason for coming home. She asked herself all over and over again if that was really her mother and if she truly had a father or even a family? The question hanged in the air with no answer. She felt depressed and said to herself
‘Is that the person I want to tell all my pains to? Never. She would not hear a word from me’.
‘What was all that about?’, Phil asked, entering and staggering into the sitting room where she sat, ‘… Mom was shouting and I heard you crying. What’s the problem?’
‘Nothing’, she said and stood up using her hands to wipe her tears
‘Nothing? Well if you say nothing, then there is nothing. I want to go out but don’t tell anyone or else, you’ll regret it’.
‘Gotta hell’, she said under her breath and was glad that he didn’t hear.

She sat down with a sigh and the words of her brother came to her mind.
‘Well if you say nothing then there is nothing’
He didn’t even care a tiny weeny bit about her feelings. She shut her eyes in utter dismay and hot tears of sadness rolled down her eyes. It was painful, she needed her family at that crucial moment and they were a far cry from comfort. She heaved a deep sigh and settled down comfortably in the sofa to sleep as the fact that her FATHER had raped her and she was two weeks PREGNANT haunted her dreams.


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