Rumors and People

Hello everyone. This poem was written in my last year in high school when people carried rumors about me. Please don’t forget to comment and share. I heart you all.

Rumors and People

My ears are filled with their lies

The truth untold, reality unknown

But surely there will be a prize

For those the truth to are known

My ears are filled with tales

Rumors spread full of filth

But my heart needs no bail

For I know I have no guilt

And that liar

If till the end hath no repentance

Will face the fire

Where the lie has redundance


2 thoughts on “Rumors and People

  1. Be unruffled in the very sight of conspicuous lies against you. It has no teeth that can sting except you sharpen it with your response. Stay focus and truthful, time has all it takes to straighten the path of the just. Lies are impotent with time.Get no worry.


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