At the midnight’s toll

The sixth priest pressed through the curious circle

Of men, women, children and the unborn

With heavy screams of spiritual lips

He stormed ancestral heavens

Forcing them all down

Butt-naked, towel loosely hung

Our fathers and mothers came down


Two nights ago

The owls did not stare

The nightingale chewed its song

The prince was murdered

And the king hung himself

After gutting fire on all he had

Child and blessings alike.

Women’s tears flowed as rivers

Wives became endless rivers themselves.


The drums have burst forth

With powerful gin for the ancestral souls


Our gifts of yams and oil

Should with loud voices cry

Out of your fat bellies.

Answer us now!



By Righthand


Trampled upon
Her lips was painted red,
No lipstick can be this thick!
She wants freedom.

He seized her by the neck
Her sharpness is but a tool
Her will is tramped upon, freely.

She bathes in the sea of his ruthlessness and anger
His will her deed
Her silver Innocence stained with red paint.

She is knife, daughter of life and death
Evidence of his wickedness;
The trampled upon.



Papa told me today

That I would soon meet you

I jumped, happy and gay

Praying it was true

I sat with my shadow waiting

Rehearsing my song for you

The sun left, still I stayed watching

Though my impatience grew

Me: Papa are you sure she is coming

Papa: Does I ever lies to you, son?

Me: No, but I have reasons for doubting

Papa: Trust me, likes I do my rum.

As darkness grew I tapped my foot

‘Come soon! Come soon!’ I chanted

Then I heard her knock on my roof

‘Didn’t I told you?’ Papa bragged.



My imaginations painted a picture

That told a lot of stories

It had many desirable features

That has achieved glories

I had an obsession with the fact

That I was coming to a wonderful place

I made myself a pact

To run and win the race

I found in school more than I bargained

And though I thought would be free

Here; many times I have been restricted

To do only what all eyes can see.

Even though with three more years I’ve got no choice

I hope to leave this place and rejoice.









It starts with the gentle wave of the trees

Shaken by the beautiful movement of the breeze

Then the tiny soldiers go pitter patter on my roof

And all I could do is stand aloof


Who could withstand

The beauty of the sky

After the rain uses her band

To make all hearts soar high



The heavens spill her tears

And into a bucket her fears

Her heart wait to wander

In the company of the thunder

Now everything brightens

During the visit of lightening


Who could withstand

The beauty of the sky

After the rain uses her band

To make all hearts soar high

A period of test

Do you know why I smile;
Even during tribulations?
It’s because I know it’s for a while
I’m glad to relay that information.

Don’t you remember that saying;
Though sorrow may last all night
Joy comes in the morning
And then shall return your sight

Surely you will be tested
But I indulge you to stay strong
Through you He will be manifested
The God that do no wrong

All things work for good
Just pray and don’t be rude.


This poem is a result of how I felt when their was the news of the boko haram killing yorubas in the north. I would appreciate all comments.
Once a place of peace
Now an abode of sorrow
With the way massacre increase
We have no hope for the morrow
Unity and cooperation were our watchwords
What we called pride is inthe gutter
Even those who call themselves Lords
Lament and their tears, rivers of water
Our mothers are crying
Children weeping
Our fathers are suffering
And watch their labour burning
What will become of us?
There seem no way of escape
Do they think we are happy for our loss?
And the girls enjoy rape?
Look we at them with disdain
We are all but afraid
Our only weapon; complain
We use when we witness the fall of fellow comrades.
Solution is our cry,
our leaders where art thou?
The reasons we elected you, you’ve not fulfilled
And do you think to thy wishes we will bow?
Your judgements and actions are foul, we now believe
Take active actions and wipe away our tears
You hath no choice, ’cause that’s your call
Our loss you watch and our greatest fear
Is you wouldn’t be there when we fall.
Do something cause we are in pains
Don’t watch whilst we suffer in the hands of savages
All we Labored for and our gains
Including our lives and wages
Are all threatened
What can we do
We don’t have to be frightened
Lets just hope there would be good.
Our leaders, stand to defend thy people
Afore this sect destroys thy nation
Just for religion and tribe we’ve been crippled
Even with the promise of renovation
So obsessed, they kill all for knowledge
And how is that the traders’ fault?
Why was the idea not nullified
When our pioneer leaders introduced the thought.
And now we all decide
To refuse punishment that’s not ours In our hearts it reside
The solution that take hours.