My imaginations painted a picture

That told a lot of stories

It had many desirable features

That has achieved glories

I had an obsession with the fact

That I was coming to a wonderful place

I made myself a pact

To run and win the race

I found in school more than I bargained

And though I thought would be free

Here; many times I have been restricted

To do only what all eyes can see.

Even though with three more years I’ve got no choice

I hope to leave this place and rejoice.

Something Wonderful


Something Wonderful

In my heart it resides,

The feeling that I should be grateful,

Thought I don’t know why; but besides,

It seems it is something wonderful.

I’m my mind I think,

That it’s a substance beautiful,

Joy an happiness it brings,

Because it is something Wonderful.

Now my brain knows,

That I mustn’t be forgetful,

Peace like a river flows,

Now that it’s something wonderful.

And my body is aware,

That I must be sorrowful,

For mow I declare,

It is something Wonderful.

Rain! Oh Rain!

Rain Oh! Rain

How glad I feel

That the time I rest my brain

All over me you spill

Rain Oh! Rain

When you fall

My fears go down the drain

And my sadness looks so small

Rain Oh! Rain

When you come with breeze

I think I ride the train

That puts my heart at ease

Rumors and People

Hello everyone. This poem was written in my last year in high school when people carried rumors about me. Please don’t forget to comment and share. I heart you all.

Rumors and People

My ears are filled with their lies

The truth untold, reality unknown

But surely there will be a prize

For those the truth to are known

My ears are filled with tales

Rumors spread full of filth

But my heart needs no bail

For I know I have no guilt

And that liar

If till the end hath no repentance

Will face the fire

Where the lie has redundance









It starts with the gentle wave of the trees

Shaken by the beautiful movement of the breeze

Then the tiny soldiers go pitter patter on my roof

And all I could do is stand aloof


Who could withstand

The beauty of the sky

After the rain uses her band

To make all hearts soar high



The heavens spill her tears

And into a bucket her fears

Her heart wait to wander

In the company of the thunder

Now everything brightens

During the visit of lightening


Who could withstand

The beauty of the sky

After the rain uses her band

To make all hearts soar high